Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See What I Did Today!

Here's a little something for my family and friends in California who are horrified by the thought of dealing with snow and ice:

Here is my driveway. I cleared the snow but there is still a half-inch layer of ice that won't come up. About all I can do is lay down salt and hope for the best.

I then took my yardstick out to the front lawn for a measurement. It went down about 4 inches when it hit something hard.

Turns out the hard thing that the stick hit was a solid layer of ice on top of the grass.

I broke through the ice and measured about 3 more inches until I hit the grass.

What a cool thing to wake up to this morning! I'm just hoping that school is not cancelled again tomorrow. The kids are getting restless.


Etha said...

oiii nice white stuff :)
7 inches is a good start, take more pictures when you reach a couple of feet , giggle....

Gwen said...

oh gosh lisa!!! yu really got a workout today!!! I could use a snow day...tee hee hee!!!