Monday, July 26, 2010

It's that time of year!

Do you have a lot of these?

Would you like to turn them into these?

Here's a good way to do it:

Zucchini Bread Recipe from Allrecipes

Unfortunately, my blog does not have a smell function. But if it did, you would love the smell of my kitchen right now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I made this today

The pattern is called Prairie Queen from Quilterscache. It's actually the January block from my Block of the Month quilt--it seems that *somehow* I forgot to make this one! Anyway, I also made another block for this quilt, but it came out 1/2 inch too small. And for all of you non-quilters out there, 1/2 inch might as well be 1/2 mile. So I need to redo that one and figure out how to get it right.

And I also finished up a project for a challenge in my online quilting group. But I can't show it to you yet! Some of the people that are voting on the winning entry might see my blog post and my entry will no longer be anonymous. But I promise I will show you soon.

Have a good rest of the weekend. We are absolutely sweltering here!

Saturday Motivation

I'm in a funk. Big time. Very unmotivated in all areas of my life. I think I'm seriously lacking in some "me" time to make me human again.

OK, so this morning I tried to think back to figure out when was the last time that I did anything the resembled "art" or "craft" or otherwise creative. I discovered it was in April. That's way too long. I'm taking this "life gets in the way" thing to an extreme.

My craft room is such a mess that I almost can't find my sewing machine. But find it I must. And today is the day.

Here is a motivating video from You Tube that might help me: