Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Release Party/Bridal Shower Tonight!

I just received my bridesmaid dress for Sarah's wedding--isn't it gorgeous? The color is called Flutter Azure and I just love it. I will have to let out the seams a little though! (Don't tell anyone, ok?)

The bridal shower is tonight--it's being combined with the release party for the Moments in Lace stamp set from Clear Artistic Stamps.

Time: 8pm Central

Location: Chat Room and Forum (2 locations!)

And what would a bridal shower be without games and prizes? There are lots of Fantastic prizes available at tonight's release, especially if you are a Shimmerz fan! If you go to the Cottage Studio you will see one of the games--hint: it has something to do with my bridesmaid dress! At the forum there are also some games that are already up for you to play.

So have fun, and I will see you tonight.

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