Thursday, January 8, 2009

The First WDW Page

I printed out a bunch of pictures from our trip to Walt Disney World last month, and last night sat down to make my first page:

I got some 2008 Disney papers and embellishments at a store in Downtown Disney. I also found a set of clear Disney stamps on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Turns out the quality wasn't too good, and the ink beaded up on the polymer, giving me blotchy images. So I rubbed a pencil eraser over the polymer, which made the images come out much better. I've never had to do that before--I guess I'm just spoiled by the good quality stamps that I normally get from other companies!

Anyway, there are MANY more Disney pages to come.

Have a good Thursday--I hope your Thursday will be warmer than mine!

1 comment:

Etha said...

ohhh how fun!! love that goofy button ;)
Can't wait to see more, I bet you have gazillions of pictures to scrap!