Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Much Blue's Clues?

Yesterday was a purple cat, and now today I'm inclined to make this little doggie blue. Perhaps it is the "Blue's Clues Effect" that comes from years of ingesting children's programming. Do I see a purple dinosaur in my future? Oh no, anything but that!

The doggie stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms, the sentiment from Rubbernecker and the faux stitching from Starving Artistamps.


Gwen said...

These are both so cute Lisa!looks lke you all had fun with the BD celebration! sorry I missed it...I just can not get away from my work!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

aaah, I feel your Blue's Clues pain, LOL! Super cute card though, just try to tune out the little Blue's Clues song in your head - that's what I do to try to stay sane. :)