Monday, February 4, 2008

"Keep Your Own" Blocks

Here are the latest two blocks for my "Keep Your Own" Block of the Month Quilt from my quilting group. The first one is "Album Variation" and the second is "A Dandy". Both patterns are found at Quilterscache which has A LOT of great block patterns and photos of quilts. I have been working on this quilt, one block per month, since June 2007. I'm hoping to have it all pieced and quilted by the end of this summer. I chose blues and yellows with a white-on-white background fabric. I think it will be very bright and cheerful when completed.

1 comment:

Etha said...

Oh those are wonderful! Such exact piecing!! the color scheme is amazing, very fresh looking! these are actually my favorite colors for striped towels :)