Friday, March 14, 2008

Amish Star Quilt Block

Here is the latest block for my blue and yellow sampler quilt. The pattern is called Amish Star and can be found at McCall's Quilting. The pretty yellow print fabric was sent to me by Pat in Vallejo, CA. She's a fabulous quilter and she sent me this fabric just because she knew I was doing a blue and yellow quilt! Isn't it great that she is encouraging a beginning quilter? I managed to put a blue flower right in the middle of the block. Completely BY ACCIDENT! There's no way I could have accomplished that intentionally!

I wanted to do an Amish pattern because we have a large Amish community here in Ohio and I absolutely LOVE to visit there. They have soooo many crafts shops to browse through. It's so much fun. And I haven't even mentioned the food! Oh, don't get me started.....

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Maren said...

I am so so impressed with this!!