Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black Walnut Baking

On Saturday, our church will have a baked goods booth at the Black Walnut Festival in Camden, Ohio. Needless to say, I have been doing LOTS of baking with black walnuts. Here are some things that I did today:

Banana Black Walnut Bread:

Pumpkin Black Walnut Bread:

Black Walnut Bars (not sliced yet):

If you've never tried black walnuts, they are different from the usual english walnuts. The taste is much stronger and more aromatic. They are also very expensive--about $12/lb. If anyone ever invites you to help shell black walnuts, just say no! You have to open them with a hammer and then use a little pick to remove the nut meats. And they stain your hands. It's not a good time. But they are delicious! Email me if you want recipes.

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