Thursday, June 4, 2009

Riding the Rides

Some of the rides at WDW have really fun areas where you wait in line. It's especially true at the Toy Story Mania ride, where you are surrounded by all of the toys in the movie. I decided to make a bright green page showing the kids in some of the great waiting areas. A lot of the page elements are from a scrapbooking kit that I bought at the park.

BTW, today (June 4th) is "Hug Your Cat" day. So get to it!

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Gwen said...

You are such a good scraper lisa!! I found a new scrap really should enter...if you go to my blog...under "crafter blogers that inspire me...look for (Kathleen from Minnesota) she is right under your name....all the details are on her blog! Happy crafting!!!