Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finders Keepers!

If you've been following the story on In The Cottage Studio, you know that Belinda has some new paintings that she has made into stamps--and they are being released Tuesday! The stamps are part of the new Girlie Girls © collection, and you can tell by the name that they are really cute.

And now you're wondering, "Why is there a picture of a rabbit at the top and what's that got to do with new stamps?" Well, Belinda's studio is being overrun with rabbits (sort of a Beatrix Potter situation) and she is terribly distracted. She hid the new paintings from me and the other designers so we wouldn't show them on our blogs before Tuesday.

But, well, I sorta found one of them sorta kinda accidently and I sorta "borrowed" it and somehow it ended up on my blog.
Do you see where it is? (pssst--look on the side down near the bottom) Isn't it great?

I hope Belinda doesn't see this! Maybe she'll be too distracted by rabbits to read my blog this week.


Etha said...

ROFL!!!! too funny :) I saw it I saw it!!!

LadyDoc said...

Thanks for the quick peek- I won't tell Belinda where I saw it! ;)